About Us

Mission Statement

To make the use of the strengths and abilities of our personnel and partnered manufacturing firms to provide our customers with the best possible product consistent with cost and to serve them in a way that they are fully satisfied from “design to delivery.”

INNOVATIONS began as a response to the retail and wholesale industries’ desire for high-quality, ethically responsible, manufactured printing & packaging products based out of INDIA.

We increased our market presence through strict benchmarking and continuous improvement practices, which captured the attention of international quality conscious buyers and their sourcing bases. Within a few years, INNOVATIONS had expanded beyond the capacity of its operation and required the addition of specialized facilities.

Capitalizing upon its strategic partnerships, We formed the joint venture with a network of international factories specializing in a diverse array of design-pre press, press and post press facilities . TODAY - we continue the upward growth, catering to a wide range of businesses from small “lifestyle” boutique brands to corporate entities focused on brand identity within niche arenas. We recognize each client as a unique partnership opportunity and stand committed to providing customized service packages that accommodate the ever-changing climate of the International requirements.

In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, We are a manufacturing base that delivers cost-effective, ethically responsible products with minimal interruptions. Leveraging our industry expertise and proven track record of superior service, we have established numerous relationships that have evolved and matured much like Partnerships.

At Innovations, we strive to become that “Partner” to our clients, which means learning & incorporating those lessons into strategic improvements that are mutually beneficial to the company and our clients. Not only have we handpicked our staff and manufacturing partners but also through rigorous training and benchmarking, we have established—in our humble opinion—one of the strongest, forward-thinking presences in the industry today.

Our solutions range from simple paper/solutions sourcing to full service packages, including design, technical help, and, ultimately, serviced delivery to your door for final production. We hope you will consider us the next time you are searching for a “Partner” who will realize your ultimate business potential.