Digital Proofing
World’s best software from GMG to drive our Epson printer
Staff trained to generate and evaluate digital proofs. Special software - used to evaluate generate proof according ISO 12647-7 standards.

Digital Printing Press
Konica Minto C6000 close to offset printed results.
Digital press is adjusted to simulate clours based on ISO 12647-2 specifications.
Our printing facility is equipped with Heidelberg press with semiautomatic
press side measurement system.
Printing machines 2 Color Planeta size 28” 40”.
6 color + coater Heildelberg, Planeta 6 color the size 28” 40”.
Print Capability - 60 gsm to 500 gsm board.
Capability of Print on PVC.
Online UV Coater-Dryer.
PVC or mettalized polyster (Plain & Holographik film) with UV inks.
Spectrophotometer (SPM) measure the Lab values on the machine itself
to give consistent results through out the print run.
Hexachrome printing capability through Frequency modulated (FM) as well
as angular modulate (AM) screen generally used for specialized jobs.

UV Varnish
Aqueous Coating
Folding - Glueing Bobst
Digital die making and die cutting
Foil Stamping
Blister coating
Liner Machine
Bobst SP 102 Die cutting